Easy farewell from the long-time house and friends when moving

Moving from the long-time house to a new one is always connected with worries and troubles. Moving can be rather difficult and  full of stress to people who lived in their house for many years and were happy in it. No wonder there are such expressions: “My house is my castle”, “Home is where he hangs his hat”, “There is no place like home”. We all tend to get used to our houses and surrounding areas. Very often we have problems not with moving process but with our our feelings. Sometimes we do not even realize how hard it is for us to say goodbye to our house and old places, because they are still keeping many good and kind memories. During the move, we leave a part of ourselves in our previous house and this makes us feel depressed and confused, especially because many of us are afraid of changes and meet them with suspicion and fear.

We want to give you some advices how to say goodbye to your beloved house and friends with a light heart.

Say “goodbye” to the house:

  1. Look through the old photos taken in your house:
  • Here are some photos from your wedding day;
  • In this picture the baby is sleeping in his crib;
  • In this photo the whole family gathered around the table on Thanksgiving Day.
  1. Walk through the rooms and remember how you arranged your house. Recollect, what was the purpose of buying this or that armchair, picture, vase, etc.
  2. Slowly walk around the surrounding area: your favorite store, the school where your child studies, the favorite family pizzeria.
  3. Have dinner with your family. Laugh at the funny moments. Retrospect afterglows.

All these actions will ease your emotional tension, but make you smile at memories, and maybe even laugh.

But of course, besides partying with the house you have to say goodbye to your friends.

There are some our advices how to say goodbye to your friends when you move:

  1. Gather with  friends. It doesn’t matter what it will be: a noisy party or a quiet dinner and it doesn’t matter where you meet in a club, restaurant, bar or at home. The main thing is to be positive. You are moving, but you will not stop communicating with your friends: we have telephones, social network to chat and organize meetings at a new place.
  2. Remember with friends how your long-standing friendship began, where your met.
  3. Take photos – let’s remain not only memoirs from your farewell party, but also nice photos. When you become sad, you can always looking at them.
  4. Invite friends to your new place or arrange about a meeting place. You can also plan an annual holiday together.
  5. Give your friends farewell gifts. It can be original souvenirs, photo frames with your joint photos, books, or maybe you just write a farewell letter – it all depends on your imagination. Your friends will appreciate this gesture.

In conclusion, I would like to note that there will definitely be some changes after moving: a new house, new acquaintances and a lot of other new things. Do not be afraid of this. Make up your mind to positive changes and everything will be fine!

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