Tips and Tricks for Small Things Storage

Small things like keys, earphones, panels, etc. create the cozy atmosphere and add charm to the interior. At the same time, all those small stuff can be annoying if it overcrowds space. In this case, it has to be organized. It’s quite easy to put the furniture pieces and gadgets in the right order. However, to do the same with tiny things is a challenging task. There are some clever ideas that will help you to get rid of the mess and to store tiny items effectively.

3 Steps to Almost Ideal Order

The junk drawers and clutter-topped desks and shelves are really irritating. Of course, you may just throw them all away or keep in one huge box. However, it’s not a solution. Everyone is familiar with the situation when you hide something and just in a few minutes you do need this thing and can’t find it. In order to avoid such a problem, you should do the following:

  1. Throw out all itty-bitty objects that you haven’t used for the last ten months. Such items only create mess and are not of great importance.
  2. Sort all miscellaneous objects. You can name the categories by yourselves. Don’t be afraid to be creative. For instance, the groups can be as following:
  • electronic items;
  • paper items;
  • travel items;
  • clothing pieces, etc.

The categories can be formed according to the frequency of use. The labels might be called “Everyday usage”, “Weekends”, “Going out”, “Fall / Winter / Spring / Summer”, etc.

  1. Define the storage location. If there is enough space, you can even allocate the special locker for the small items. If the area is limited, you should try to store small items according to the room specification.


Special plastic containers with colorful stickers are appropriate for the storage of different small kitchen utensils such as corkscrew or covers. You shouldn’t throw away boxes from toaster because you can use it for keeping napkins and matches, for example. You’d better give preference to the vertical systems of storage.


The best way to get rid of tiny items in the frequently visited rooms is to use proper storage furniture such as coffee tables with drawers or shelves, stools with lift-ups tops or built-in storage. Nowadays the idea to create bookshelves on the doorways is extremely popular.


Dozens of tubes can be placed in special baskets. In order not to lose your hairpins and bands, you should put them into special containers or drawers. Decorative hooks are used to keep these containers.


A multi-level fruit tray or a muffin tray can become a home for your jewelry. And PVC pipes are perfect items to keep your socks or underwear. To achieve the ideal order in your wardrobe, you should use color dividers.

To sum up, it should be noticed that storing tiny things may be the funny and exciting process. Your creativity is your great assistant.

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