Animals for transporting goods

With the development of technical progress, we cannot imagine our life without machines, tools and equipment. They have made our life much easier. For example, you need to transport cargo from one point to another. Easy. We call a moving company and order a truck. Have you known that in the modern world there are places where animals are still being used to carry cargoes? We would like to tell you a little about the pack animals – there are animals on which goods are transported. In this case, the cargo is transported on the animal itself, and not on the cart into which the animal is harnessed. The pack animals are: camels, donkeys, mules, deer, horses, elephants, etc.

For example, a two-humped camel is the largest representative of camelid family. It is incredibly tough animal!!! He can live without food and water for a long period of time. He can easily bear either hot dry weather in the summer or snowy frosty weather in winter. In a day it can pass about 30-40 km while carrying a cargo up to 661 pounds, at speed 3 miles per hour at the same time. This animal is widespread mainly in Central Asia. It is the two-humped camel that provides about one-third of all freight traffic in the Goby Desert.

Home donkey. It is an unpretentious, omnivorous animal, but very stubborn. In fact, its stubbornness is a way of self-preservation. If, for example, a horse or a camel can be driven to death that will never happen to a donkey. It just stops and will not take another step until it has rest or until the extra load is removed from it. The efficiency of the donkey can be 8-10 hours a day, with interruptions for food intake. These animals are widespread mainly in Central Asia and the Caucasus. The average speed of a loaded donkey is about 3 miles per hour.

Elephants. These animals are widespread in Africa and Asia. Elephants cannot gain speed, but they are strong and hardy. The farm uses mostly Indian elephants, as these elephants are easy to tame and train. Elephants are used to transport cargo in difficult-to-reach places. Elephants can either carry cargo, or perform loading and unloading thanks to their powerful trunk. The elephant can lift its cargo up to 440-550 pounds with its trunk. An interesting fact: elephants do not know how to jump, so any pit that an elephant cannot cross is a serious problem for him. And of course, the elephant has a good appetite: in a day the elephant can eat more than 220 pounds of food and drink up to 79 gallons of water!

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