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“You have bewitched me, body and soul, and I love … I love … I love you. I never wish to be parted from you from this day on.” — Darcy (Matthew MacFadyen) to Elizabeth (Keira Knightley) in Pride and Prejudice.

We all remember and admire the passion between Darcy and Elizabeth in his amazing book and movie, but the life is full of real examples of amazing love stories and due to these stories we can see how usual things can become the great symbols of true love especially when the St. Valentine’s Day is coming!  

EasyBusy moving company has found out some interesting facts and wants to share them with you. All our team wishes you to find and keep the love of all your life and have your own unique and happy love story!

Each family has its own love symbols and traditions. Hollywood actress Julie Andrews and film director Blake Edwards, who, among other movies, directed Breakfast at Tiffany’s, also used to have them.

It all started at the beginning of the carefree sixties, at one of the crazy Hollywood parties not attended by the young star Julie Andrews, who had just received worldwide fame and an Oscar for playing Mary Poppins, and started filming The Sound of Music. The talented and sharp-tongued director Blake Edwards, however, happened to be there.

When Julie’s name and success came up in a conversation, Blake told his friends: «l know exactly what that’s about. She has lilacs for pubic hair. » And the music was muffled with laughter. Somehow, the joke reached Julie Andrews’ ears, so she secretly got to Edwards’ house and planted a large bush of lilac under the window. Seeing the lilac in the morning, the man laughed and realized that he had met a woman whose sense of humor was no less than her talent and kindness. Soon Blake and Julie got married. They lived together for more than forty years giving each other bunches of fragrant lilacs on each anniversary.

But how to tell about your feelings? And what are the other symbols of love and proposal in different countries and cultures?

CLADDAGH RING. In the emerald greenery of the Irish coast a little fishing village of Claddagh is hiding. Legend has it, that one creepy day fishermen from this village were captured by pirates who sold their prisoners to African slavery. Among the fishermen was courageous Richard, who with all his heart believed that he would return to his homeland and embrace his bride. At every opportunity he was stealing a tiny speck of gold from his masters, always remembering about his beloved. As years passed, Richard accumulated enough precious metal to make a ring of a bizarre form. When the man returned to his native village, he gave this ring to his bride. Since then, the Claddagh ring has been considered a symbol of eternal love and loyalty.

HARP. Music played on the harp always adds melodious charm to poetic love confessions. For ancient Celts, the harp was like a bridge of love connecting the earth and heaven.

ROSE AND FLEUR DE LIS. One of the international symbols of love and St. Valentine’s Day is a rose. The flower that grew from the blood of handsome Adonis was one of Aphrodite’s (the goddess of love and beauty) favorites. Aphrodite was often depicted with a rose; and today one of the most popular species of creamy pink roses bears her name. The flower, as the symbol of the most beautiful feeling in the world, went into art and literature.

One of the symbols of love in France is beautiful noble fleur de lis. Traditionally, after the proposal, the groom has to give a fleur de lis to his beloved every day up till the wedding. This symbolic gift is considered a key to a happy life together.

BUTTERFLIES AND TANGERINE TREE. In China, they believe that a couple of butterflies guards a newly formed family and brings happiness to it. If a picture depicts a girl in a garden with only one butterfly next to her, this means she has not conquered the heart of her dearie yet. And if in the garden or on the girl’s clothes there are two butterflies, the love is mutual then, and there will be a wedding soon.

Another symbol of love in China is a tangerine tree. If you plant it in a garden, the family will have a long, fun, happy life, and the sweet fruit of this tree will bring more passion into relationship. By the way, figures of mandarin ducks are traditionally given at weddings to newlyweds as a symbol of mutual understanding, caring and tenderness.

PIGEONS, TURTLEDOVES AND SWANS If pigeon is one of the world’s most popular symbols of peace and love, then turtledove is a symbol of harmony and loyalty in the UK. In many countries swans are considered to be a living embodiment of fidelity, because they choose their partner once and for all, and in the literal sense can’t live without each other: if one swan from the couple dies, the other one can in fact die of heartbreak.

As Victor Hugo said: “To love or have loved, that is enough. Ask nothing further. There is no other pearl to be found in the dark folds of life.” Love is the most valuable thing in our life. EasyBusy moving company wishes you only mutual and happy love!

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