We wish you a Merry Christmas!

Dear Ladies, Children and Gentlemen! Our Dear Friends!

EasyBusy moving company that is located in sunny Los Angeles decided to unveil a big secret that has been kept as a fine tooth for several years!

Santa is one of the well-known and famous features of a modern Christmas, and his team of reindeer is expected in every households all over the world. But! How many reindeer does Santa have? How can he get to all houses in the world just for one night and deliver presents to all children and adults with only EIGHT reindeer?! The answer is… that in Los Angeles EasyBusy moving company helps Santa in his hard and very responsible work!  Every night on 24th of December we finish our work with clients and at office and go decorating with garlands and ornaments our trucks, then we load all presents that were brought by the main reindeer Rudolf (we think you have heard about him) and set off in our wonderful journey to each of your house delivering all the presents, joy and happiness that were prepared for you by Santa!

Yesterday we had a telephone call from Santa and Rudolf. Now, we are glad to inform you that EasyBusy moving company are honored and trusted to deliver presents this year too!

Our team wishes you MERRY and JOYFUL CHRISTMAS!

May the good, happy times and real treasures of the present become the golden and unforgettable memories of tomorrow! May Love, Peace and Joy come down on Earth on Christmas to make you cheerful and happy! May the Christmas’ ringing bells fill your hearts and lives with music of prosperity and happiness!

And now, we are in a hurry to help our dear Santa! See you soon!

People started to celebrate Christmas almost 300 year ago. At first it was celebrated in September, but during the times of popularization Christianity in Europe, people change the date to the 25th of December (this date is regarded as the birth of Jesus Christ. In 1834 the Queen Victoria ordered to set and decorate Christmas Tree in every house and to sing special song which she had heard and liked in German).

In 1836, Alabama was the first in the US to announce Christmas as a legal state holiday. Since then, we have been celebrating this wonderful day.

Also, English writer Charles Dickens with his tale, A Christmas Carol made his implement to the holiday. A good will and importance of charity towards all humankind, the way of celebration and attitude in general was colorfully depicted in the story. The team of EasyBusy moving company advises you to watch this wonderful cartoon!

Christmas is for joy, for laughter, for giving, for coming together with family and friends, for sharing, for tinsel and carefully, brightly and funny decorated packages… Enjoy you holidays with you family and friends!

P.S. If you want to help Santa or just give more presents to your family and friends, please call on us at any time! As the best LA moving company according to Santa and Rudolf we can deliver and move everything to any place you would like! Merry Christmas, guys!

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