How to Make Your Thanksgiving Day 2018 Unforgettable

The 4-th Thursday of November is one of the most anticipated days in the year. It’s the time when the feeling of celebration fills the houses all around the country. Thanksgiving Day is one of the oldest and most honored holidays. It’s impossible to find a family who has never celebrated the Turkey Day. It’s the feast with its own soul and spirit. There are several tips that will help you to savor every minute of the time off and make the holiday unforgettable.

The Turkey Pardoning

The presidential pardon for turkey is an integral part of the celebration. Every year, millions of people are watching how the President pardons a bird. The chosen turkey gets clemency and goes to live at the special sanctuary. The process of choosing the turkey is rather interesting itself, too. The very people chose the bird which life will be saved. That’s why it’s always amusing to watch the ceremony and guess whether your bird will be pardoned or not.

Huge gatherings

Thanksgiving Day is a wonderful reason to gather all your big family and close friends at one table. Traditionally, the house of the oldest family member is the main location of the feast. However, you can change the custom a little. If you are ready to welcome the whole family and organize their rest, why not to do it? Moreover, guests never come empty-handed.

The Big Meal

The key point of the holiday is delicious food. The more dishes are present on the table, the cooler the feast is. The main course is turkey with different stuffing. The most common fares include sweet potato, gravy, cranberry sauce, and cornbread. The traditional dessert is pumpkin pie. However, it’s not forbidden to cook what you want. The so-called turducken can make your Big meal the extra special one. The dish is nothing else but duck stuffed with a chicken which is then stuffed into a turkey.

Traditional TV Watching

The males are fond of watching football matches on TV on Thanksgiving Day.  However, you can create your personal “must-see” list for the time off. After having all those dishes, watching TV, perhaps, would be the only thing you could do.

The DIY decorations

The paper pumpkins and turkeys are able to create the stunning atmosphere. The process of creating cute hand-painted platters or orange garlands is very amusement and can catch the attention of the children for some time.

Have fun!

Do you remember Joey having his head stuck in a turkey in one of the episodes of Friends? Such memories are priceless. You should try to make your holiday as excited as possible. If you can’t visit the Macy’s Day Parade, you can enjoy the Turkey Trot LA in Downtown’s Spring Street. The event is good for both children and adults. If you are not afraid of breaking rules, you can join The Thanksgiving Lunch at the Aquarium of the Pacific.

Don’t forget to say “Thanks”!

It’s s the perfect time to find the proper words to express your gratitude to everyone and for everything you have. There is always lack of precious time in our fast racing life to enjoy the very moments of being. “Turkey Day” gives us the perfect opportunity to do so. Also, it’s the best time to help those who need it. You can become a volunteer at one of the heartwarming charity events which are usually organized by communities.

In conclusion, it should be noticed that Thanksgiving is justly considered to be one of the most beloved holidays. You should spend this day in such a way so there will be enough positive emotions and memories till the next year.

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