What time to choose for moving

It’s no secret that Americans are one of the most mobile nations. More than 45 million Americans move every year. About 60% of all movings are from May to October. Approximately 70% of Americans want to book a moving from Friday to Sunday and usually the transfer starts in the morning from 8:00 to 11:00. Which of all this can be concluded: with a properly planned move, you can significantly reduce the cost of the moving and save your nerves.

We want to give you some tips what time of the day, day of the week, the time of the year to choose for the move, so that it passed with minimal monetary and emotional losses:

1. Plan to move between November and April.
This period is not a season for a moving. The benefits of moving into this period are obvious. Firstly, it is more likely that your move will cost you less than in the season, because almost all the moving companies at the low season significantly reduce prices. Secondly, you can easily order a move for any day of the week, even on weekdays, even on days off and at any convenient time of the day. Thirdly, you will be able to choose any moving company you like, because in the high season it can be problematic to book a moving company with a good reputation because of the great demand.

2. Plan the move for weekdays from Monday to Thursday.
Pros: First, it is easier to book the day and time you needed. Secondly, many moving companies have prices lower on weekdays than on weekends. Thirdly, you will have a whole weekend ahead to unpack the boxes and put all your things to its places.

3. Plan to move in the morning hours.
The earlier the moving begins, the sooner it ends. This means that you will have time to unpack the boxes, disintegrate things or just relax from the move.

When a client calls on a moving company to order a relocation, the representative of the moving company must ask the client about the following nuances: the size of the dwelling, the number of things and furniture to be transported, the package service, the existence of an elevator or the number of staircases in the old and new houses.

All these questions are asked for a reason. Having learned this information, the manager of the moving company will offer you the best option how many movers you will need, so that your moving has passed as quickly and cheaply as possible, and the manager can roughly say how long your move will take. However, it is worth remembering that almost all moving companies have a minimal order of the moving. Usually, it is three hours. This means that even if your moving takes only two hours, you will pay the minimum rate – for three hours.

In the case, if it is difficult for manager to estimate your move by phone due to various nuances, you will be proposed to do an estimate. An estimator will come to your place and already on the spot will estimate how many hours your moving will last and how many movers you will need.

Of course, the best time for each specific move will depend on many factors: location, weather, budget, family issues, work schedule, etc. Plan your move in terms of convenience for your family.

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