Truck is my friend

Morning. I am drinking a cup of coffee and having snacks. Two more minutes and I am in a hurry to work. The day seems to be not a piece of cake. I work as a truck driver in the moving company. Today our company is organizing a moving of the office of one big company to the new building. Finally I come to work. And here I see my helper, partner and just a good friend – my truck. Now I am in the cabin, switch on the radio and then the song comes – oh, it’s California Dreaming, a sign of luck. Well. it’s time to go. When I start the engine I feel both the power and character of my truck. Together we have covered not even a thousand of miles, we greeted the sunrise and admired the beauty of sunsets. Together we made a moving easy and comfortable for our clients. For clients a truck is just a vehicle to transport some stuff but not for me. The roar of the engine, atmosphere in the cabin, speed, and power – my truck definitely has a soul and character.

‘Don’t let me down’ – I slam the steering wheel though and I am sure that this story  is not about us.

Have a good day!

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