Be Polite and Helpful: Ready to Meet Movers

If we rate the stressful situations in our lives, the move day will definitely head the list.  There are so many points to take into account that the head is spinning. That’s why when the doorbell rings you can easily become confused and might be dumbstruck with the movers. There are several tips that will help you to organize the moving process effectively and keep everything under control.

Before movers come

Even if you order the full-service relocation, some preparations should be done. The crew members don’t know the exact plan of your house. Of course, when they come the first thing, they will do will be the visual survey of your dwelling and belongings. It’ll take a lot of time. This aspect is really significant when it comes about the long-distance move.  It’s recommended to declutter the accommodation and create inventory beforehand.  You need to prepare a parking spot for the truck. In some locations, you have to get special permission for it.  You shouldn’t forget about insurance, too.

movers arrive

When the movers are on your doorstep

The main thing is to be home on the day of relocation. Only you know exactly the positions of furniture, the number of boxes, and the proper directions. It’s up to you to check if all the bookcases and cupboards fit through the doors. If you don’t order packing service, you have to sort the boxes and label them.

In case the crew should box up your belongings, you have to keep packing suppliers at hand. As a rule, movers use their own tools and materials. However, the following items would be helpful:

  • empty boxes and containers;
  • tape;
  • strapping;
  • stretch wrap;
  • a pair of scissors.

It’s your task to create the working atmosphere. What does it mean? Crying children and barking dogs will only irritate and interfere with the moving process. The best way is to hire a babysitter for kids and close pets in a separate room. If it’s impossible, you can suggest the youngsters play outdoors or visit neighbors.  Moreover, you should remember that your fluffy friends can be dangerous to movers. It’s highly recommended to prevent the contact between the crew and your pets.

It may sound strange but the weather conditions do matter.  On rainy and nasty days, you need to put blankets or traps on the floor. In such a way, the dwelling won’t be very dirty. If it’s icy outdoors, you should prepare salt in order to prevent misadventures.

Be a gracious host!

Of course, the movers are doing their job they are paid for. Yet, they are humans after all. Packing and loading boxes are really hard work. The crew would be very grateful to you if you propose them a glass of water with some snacks. If the work is done well, it’s a good idea to tip the movers.

To sum it up, it should be noticed that no matter full service moving you choose or not, there are still many tasks left.  It’s up to you to arrange them in order to have trouble-free moving.

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