What is the best way to get the detailed answer concerning your move?

You can feel free to call any of our super patient managers to ask anything you want. However, if for some reason you don`t have much time or you want to get acquainted with details in advance check our list of most Frequently Asked Questions. If there is something vague for you call us anytime to clarify details.

Why should I hire your company?

The procedure of moving can be exhausting and very stressful. It also can be emotionally and physically draining. Sometimes it requires special skills to handle the move. Why us?

Do you have insurance?

We are local moving company registered by the Public Utility Commission. You can check our license number - МТR ‎0191601. Feel free to ask a manager to send the certificate of insurance to your email. General Liability, Cargo and Workers Comp. are included.

How much will my move cost?

The cost of your move will be based on hourly rate. You can look through our prices here. Each case is unique that is why it is so hard to define the total price for your move via phone. However based on great experience of our employees they will help you to get a clear idea of all costs.

How can I get an estimate?

If you have a ton of boxes, large appliances and heavy furniture there is a possibility that something may not fit our truck. To make your move superefficient we can send an agent to your residence for free. To get an estimate make sure that you have described the most items you may have.

What is the double drive time?

To get a clear idea of this term you can refer to our article Double Drive Time. We also would like to remind that the double drive time is not considered to be a hidden fee. It is legal procedure that works for each moving companies within the California state.

What about hidden fees or additional charges?

The policy of our company is very upfront and clear. We do not include any vague charges that can surprise you at the end of the move. We charge double drive time but it is not some kind of hidden fee of our company. We follow the book of law.

Do you have any minimum requirements?

The minimum order is 3 hours. We would like to remind you that it is not an estimate. Your move can be longer or shorter depending on many factors.

What else I can get for my money?

Along with the comfortable move and professional crew you can get:
  • Free wrapping materials as shrink, tape blankets;
  • Free usage of wardrobe boxes;
  • Help with dissembling and assembling of the furniture;
  • Floor protection for free.

How can I pay for your service?

Along with the comfortable move and professional crew you can get: We always charge clients when the job is done. You can pay with cash or by using your credit card. We don`t accept checks. Feel free to ask a manager which day is the cheapest one for your move.

What if something gets broken?

As a moving company in California we include the basic insurance for your belongings. It is 60 cents per pound. If you have some valuable items we advise you to get an additional insurance. You can ask about this our manager.

Do you guys help with packing?

We will help you to wrap everything with the free materials unlimited times. We also could provide you assistance with packing items into boxes. We could provide you with packing materials:
  • Small boxes - 3$(for each)
  • Medium boxes -4$(for each)
  • Large boxes - 5$ (for each).
  • Wrapping paper- 30$(enough for an average kitchen)
  • Bubble wrap - 40$(1 roll)
We take money only for packing materials that would be used. We believe it is unfair that other companies charge money for the whole packing kit even if some of them were unused!

Do you provide storage?

If you want to put your belongings elsewhere for some period of time we are able to provide you a storage place. Our storages are well secured buildings without public access to your personal items. Call our manager to get acquainted with the prices.

Where I can reserve my move?

Use this link to get in touch with our call center http://easybusymoving.com/reservation/. They will contact with you as quickly as possible

Do I need to empty out my cabinets, fridge?

Everything should be empty out to prevent any damage during the transportation. Please don`t forget to remove your clothes from the drawers. There should be no liquid inside the fridge.

Are there any items that you cannot move?

In case you have something extremely heavy items as large gun safe or pool table, please inform our manager because we do not provide service for anything that could be more than 300lbs.

Should I tip movers?

You don`t have to tip movers. Every kind of taxes is already included in your hourly rate. Feel free to give warm words to our people.

Can I move my lovely dog, cat, fish or even horse?

It could be very dangerous for your pets to leave them at the back of the truck. They cannot be transported there for the liability reason because it is considered to be inappropriate place due to the lack of climate control and potential shifting of large stuff.

Is there any chance to get to the driver cab?

We cannot transport you there for the liability reason. You can use your own car to follow our truck or arrange the ride with a friend.

Can you dispose the trash?

We don`t provide such service to our customers. However, if you show us the place where we can dispose your trash we will help you with this. There are no additional costs and everything will be based on your hourly rate.

Should be someone present during the move?

Before we start doing our job some of the owners should be present to sign the paperwork. After the truck is loaded we will ask you to walk trough. Our movers will unpack and place every item according to your preferences.

Is it possible to move during awful weather?

We will protect everything from dirty and humidity during the moving procedure. Free usage of wrapping materials will help us to make your stuff clean and safe. We also are able to put blankets on the floor not to let the mud get to the apartment.