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Beverly Hills has been the site of countless movies, television shows, books, and celebrities’ dreams. Known for its luxury homes and luxury living arrangements, Beverly Hills is not a place where you will want an inexperienced moving team moving your likely expensive and fragile household items. 

That’s why it’s imperative that you work with a professional moving company in Beverly Hills such as EasyBusy. With extensive experience in helping A-list celebrities and socialites, we know what it means to move in a professional and flawless manner. Here are just a few reasons why customers choose our packing and moving services in Beverly Hills:

  • free on-site estimates
  • guaranteed pricing
  • full packing, moving, unpacking, and more
  • reasonable rates
  • professional packers and movers
  • insured and licensed
  • overnight moves to San Francisco


EasyBusy - Movers in Beverly Hills You Need

To understand why stars and non-celebrities chose us as their preferred movers in Beverly Hills, check out our many perks and amenities below. 

Our Team is Expertly Picked for Their Professionalism and Experience

For starters, one of the biggest benefits of working with EasyBusy, a professional LA moving company,  is being able to work with a team as experienced and professional as ours. The reason for this is because of our elaborate and in-depth interview process which analyzes every applicant's background thoroughly, their devotion to their profession, and how they handle client engagements.

From there, the finest picks are trained in our best practices before they ever take a job so that our team is consistent, effective, and professional each and every time they pack and move.

So we know how to pack and move safely and efficiently that’s why EasyBusy is one of the best moving companies Beverly Hills has ever seen.


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    Val F.

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    Nina M.

The Quotes and Payment Options we Provide are the Best

Based on the diversity of payment options, transparency of pricing, and honesty when quoting clients, there truly isn’t a better moving solution than EasyBusy. Not only is our team willing to explain every detail of the quote process but we are also able to help you to deduce if other companies are conning you as well.

In order to organize your move in the best manner possible, we offer free on-site moving estimates in Beverly Hills.

Furthermore, we provide multiple payment options including cash, cashier’s checks, credit and debit cards, and even some forms of cryptocurrency to make every step of your move as easy for our customers in Beverly Hills as possible. 

We are Fully Licensed and Insured

When we started EasyBusy, the first thing we did was focus on what would make our clients feel more comfortable during their move. The resounding answer to this question was having a licensed and insured moving team.

As such, we at EasyBusy are fully licensed and insured movers serving the Greater Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area. For your peace of mind, we keep our business in good standing with the State.

We are Tried and True Locals

Another aspect of our business that separates us from other moving companies in Beverly Hills is the fact that our team is not just knowledgeable of the area but is LA locals as well. 

The reason why this matters is that packers and movers are able to navigate the LA and Beverly Hills streets with ease, are aware of certain road delays that could extend your move unnecessarily and can ensure that your belongings are safe for the entire moving process. 

We Provide Other Moving Services if Needed

Additionally, we also offer our many clients packing, unpacking, furniture protection, and even storage-in-transit services which include high-quality packing materials, lifting, assembling and disassembling furniture, and organizing your items in your new home. This is how we not only help you during your move but well before and after likewise. 

Long Distance Moving Services are Available as Well

Finally, if your move is either from Northern California to Beverly Hills or vice versa, our long-distance moving options may be the perfect thing for you and your family. We provide free long-distance flat-rate moving quotes. We are here to take the stress off your shoulders when you decide to move hundreds of miles away from your current place.

It's Time to Get Your Moving Quote Today

With all of this said, all that’s left is to contact us today for a free estimate!


Beverly Hills is a city in the United States, located in the west of Los Angeles County, California and together with the areas of Los Angeles Bel-Air and Holmby Hills forms the so-called “Golden Triangle”. Beverly Hills, according to official statistical information, is not such a rich city as it is represented in the media. The city includes the Beverly Hills Oil Field and the Rodeo Drive shopping district. 90210 is the most popular postal code (zip code) in the world due to the youth series “Beverly Hills, 90210”. Beverly Hills is served by Moreno High School, Beverly Hills Unified School District, and the Beverly Hills High School. The most popular landmarks are Rodeo Drive, Beverly Gardens Park, La Cienega Park, Virginia Robinson Gardens and Beverly Hills 9/11 Memorial Garden. If you need professional Beverly Hills moving service call EasyBusy and make your life simpler.


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