Professional Moving company in Culver City

Contrary to the popular belief, every moving can be an easy and joyful event for you and your family. Easy Busy is a moving company that has extensive experience in moving both in local and long distance moving service in LA. We are always ready to help you with: local moving, household moving, office, commercial and business moving, professional packing services,long distance moving, short-term and long-term storage.

Culver City Movers

Culver city is located on the westside of Los Angeles . The city is best known for film and TV production. Culver City was founded in 1913 by Harry Culver, he was a real estate developer from Nebraska . By the 1930s, Culver City boasted three major film studios, including MGM, and was publicized as the “Heart of Screenland.” During the 1930s through the 1940s Culver City was home to half of America’s motion picture production. Hundreds of movies have been produced on the lots of Culver City’s studios, including the Tarzan series and the original King Kong. The most popular places to visit in this wonderful city are; The Culver City Art District which is filled with notable art galleries, Sony Pictures Plaza that has a unique appearance and The Sony Pictures Studios Tour which offers a view of the early days of Hollywood. EasyBusy moving company and our professional and cheap movers in Culver City are responsible for each of your box.