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Hancock Park Movers

Many people even don’t know how this park was created. So originally, there was the La Brea Ranch, where people drilled some oil. The head of one family who received enough profits decided to buy part of that land in 1863. It was Major Henry Hancock. But Park was developed only in the 1920s by his son philanthropist George Allan Hancock. Famous architects took part in designing houses in this area. What makes this place so unique is the fact that most houses are located a 50 feet from the street , electrical wires are located underground, and the construction of fences is prohibited. Such features has made stunner Hancock Park one of the most attractive areas of this city. Thanks to the rich residents from this area it almost untouched by the “iron jungle” of the city. Previously, this place was continuous dirt roads and oils. Nowadays these areas have a lot of trees, ponds and flowers. There are elevated good designed trending buildings, surrounded by magnificent luxury and noble houses. The range of moving services by EasyBusy Hancock Park movers is quite huge, so call on us and we will be glad to help you.