Yes, we do. We offer flat-rate quotes for all long-distance moves within California.

Yes, we are. EasyBusy is co-owned by two licensed moving companies.

Flex Moving Inc - License CAL-T 191639
Got2Move - License CAL-T 191707

Currently, we do not to interstate moves. However, we work in partnership with a moving company in Texas; so, if you are planning to move from California to Texas, we should be able to help with such a relocation.

A COI is the certificate of insurance. Many highrise residential and office buildings require this certificate and we can provide it within 2 business days because EasyBusy Moving is licensed and insured movers.

Double Driving TIme applies to local moves within California. A local move is any mover where the distance between the pickup and delivery addresses is less than 100 miles. To learn more about double driving time, please, read HERE.

Yes, we do. We offer packing services in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area.
We pack boxes, protect furniture, and can arrange artwork crating.

It's the shipper's (customer's) responsibility to ensure legal parking at the every place he/she needs movers to stop. If the movers have to park illegally, customers are responsible for parking tickets. To learn more about how to obtain a parking permit, visit our page: MOVING TIPS.

This is a great question and we've got you covered!
Learn more HERE.

We don't have our own storage/warehouse in LA; however, we can help you to arrange a self-storage and save some money as we maintain great relationships with a few reputable storage companies.

Yes, we do. Our secured and remodeled warehouse is located in San Leandro. So whether you are moving within the Bay Area or from LA to SF, we will be able to provide storage-in-transit or long-term storage in our facility in the Bay Area.