Step-by-Step Guide How to Choose a Moving Company in LA

1. Ask your friends, co-workers and family members for recommendations and search on Google for “professional movers in Los Angeles CA.”

Make a list of at least 10 moving companies to choose from because the most of them will be disqualified by reaching you the step # 6 our 10.

2. Verify Moving Companies’ License and Insurance.

Every household moving company in California must be licensed by the Bureau of Household Goods and Services (BHGS). The license should be either MTR, or HHG, or CAL-T.
You can verify any California moving company’s license at
Never ever hire unlicensed movers if you want to have a stress-free move in LA.

3. Request Moving Quotes in Writing.

It the digital era email will work. Make sure to have quotes emailed to you with all possible charges for any packing supplies and additional services.
Having quotes provided in writing will help you to compare LA moving quotes and feel safe that you will avoid any hidden fees from cheap movers in Los Angeles.

4. Check Reviews on Yelp, Google Reviews, and Facebook

Choose a few local companies with overall ratings from 4 to 5. Be suspicious about movers having 100% raving reviews; and of course, avoid companies with only bad reviews.
Sometimes, bad reviews tell good things about a company. We all make mistakes, but the point is that how we solve them and what we learn.

5. Provide All Moving Related Details to Moving Companies’ Representatives.

Such details include but not limited to:

  • Parking availability at all places you would require movers to stop
  • The size of your move including heaviest and bulkiest items
  • Either you need help with packing boxes or you’ll have boxes packed prior to movers’ arrival
  • Whether you have any time restraints (elevator reservation, flight, concert, etc.)
  • The number of flights at each location if any
  • Walking distance between you doors and parking zone

The more details you provide to moving companies in Los Angeles, the more accurate estimates you’ll get. In addition, the more details movers know the better move will be arranged; first of all, we mean the adequate manpower and the size of a moving truck.

6. Avoid movers accepting only cash payments.

Any reputable moving company in Los Angeles accepts card payments, too.

7. Prioritize the companies which answers your emails and calls promptly.

If you can’t reach ‘your’ movers in LA for hours during regular business hours that’s should be a red flag. What if the same is going to happen on a moving date…

8. Tell that you will want to check a driver’s license of the driver upon arrival.

According to the most moving insurance companies’ policies, if anything bad happens with your load during the move, the insurance company may deny a claim if the truck will have been operated by a driver without a valid driving license. Most likely you would need to deal with a moving company’s owner trying to settle for something. You don’t want such happen to you. So, tell an account manager that for your peace of mind you’ll need to see a driver’s DL upon arrival. If you don’t hear any objections on the phone that’s a great sign.

9. Once you’ve chosen the company, expect to get a work order with all move details including the rates.

Otherwise, it can potentially lead to a small disaster of being on the phone with a moving company’s office discussing the terms of the agreement on the moving date. Just send a friendly reminder in a few hours after making a reservation that you haven’t received a work order yet. Movers are very busy sometimes, especially during summer. So, there is a chance that ‘your’ company is getting late with sending the paperwork. However, consider hiring other movers in Los Angeles if you need to chase movers for the work order.

10. Remember that the cheapest – not always the best.

Don’t try to save a couple of hundred dollars on your move because damages may cost you more. Follow all the steps above and if everything else is equal then choose a company with the lowest rates. Otherwise, lean towards the ones who you trust more rather than the cheapest option.


This step-by-step moving guide was prepared by the co-owner of EasyBusy Moving, Nick Skory, who has been in moving business since 2006 and who started his own moving business in 2008.

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