How to save on moving


In this article, we are going to focus on how you can save on your move if you are planning to hire a moving company.

In order to see how you can save on your move let’s break down the moving companies’ variable costs associated with every move whether it’s a local or a long-distance move.

Labor costs depend on the size of a moving crew an how much they will work. Such time consists of packing boxes, furniture disassembly, furniture protection, loading, unloading, furniture unwrapping and reassembly, and furniture arrangement in your new home.

Transportation costs depend on the distance traveled between a pickup and delivery addresses and the number of trucks assigned for the job.


So, let’s see how we can reduce a moving company’s labor and transportation costs thus to make your bill lower.

Regardless if you are planning to hire a full-service moving company for your relocation (in this case movers will pack everything, move and unpack including dishes, bric-a-brac, books, toys, furniture, etc.) or not the following tips will help to reduce your final bill.

  1. Donate unneeded clothing. Go through your clothing and if you find unneeded items then donate them and right off on your tax return.
  2. Get rid of some garage stuff. As movers we often see some garages stuffed with old paint, rusted tools, old bikes, broken camping gear, and fishing rods. Do you really need to pay someone to transport this? Answer that question to yourself honestly and make a smart decision.
  3. Clean up your patio and backyard. Decide if you are planning to transport your plants or not. Consider that moving companies, if agreed to move the plants, won’t be liable for any damages to them. If you decide to move some pots then empty them out from the soil, wash and have them dry prior to a moving date. Check if there are some gardening tools in your yard or shed which you might not need at the new place. You can give some stuff to your neighbors or donate. Oh, don’t forget about broken grills, BBQ, and patio umbrellas.
  4. Old-school Garage Sale. After you’ve gone through your clothing, garage and backyard now it’s time to see if you don’t need anything from your rooms: some furniture, old toys, rugs, etc. Once again, you can donate, dump or(!) if you gather quite some good stuff to get rid of then arrange a garage sale. You can post some signs in the neighborhood and use NextDoor social network.
  5. Start Packing a Few Weeks Prior to the Move. One of the biggest saving during the relocation is to pack boxes by yourself. However, many people underestimate their ability to pack fast in a few days before the move. So, start packing a few weeks in advance.
  6. Packing Tips to Save on Your Move.
  • First of all, we recommend using only brand-new boxes; so, they would be sturdy to make sure they can be stacked safely inside a moving truck.
  • Secondly, use small cartons (1.5 cu ft) for heavy stuff like books and plates. Use medium cartons (3.0 cu ft) for the rest. Avoid using large (4.5 cu ft) ad extra-large (6.0 cu ft) boxes as they may weigh too much which will slow down loading and unloading processes. In addition, it may be impossible to use the space inside of the truck efficiently if you have a lot of large and extra-large heavy boxes as they will just collapse under each others’ weight.
  • Start with fragile items like picture frames on your dressers, wall hanging artwork, candles, souvenirs. Those items may have more sensitive value for you than monetary. Maybe you’ll decide to take some risk and not to pack those items very well; if EasyBusy movers pack these items they will treat them like everything else in the house - with care - which will take some time for proper packing. Basically, try to clean up walls and areas on top of furniture pieces (coffee and dining tables, dressers, side tables, kitchen countertops, and media consoles) first. This will make your place to look clean and organized and help to save even more because movers will not need to pack that items for you and will be ready to start protecting and moving furniture.
  • Always pack and move money, bonds, jewelry, passports and anything else which is small and of high value by yourself.
  1. Keep Your Place Organized. If you decide to pack boxes by yourself then dedicate a few areas in your home to stack them there. If you hire movers to pack your belongings in the house then at least follow some tips above getting rid of unneeded items; so, you wouldn’t waste time doing so while packers and movers have already arrived at your place. Try to keep your home organized; so, your movers will have access to your furniture and be able to start packing and moving rather than spending time with you to discuss what you want them to pack and what not.
  2. Disassemble and Reassemble the Furniture Yourself. EasyBusy movers as most other reputable California movers are able to take apart and reassemble pretty much any kind of furniture. Sometimes it takes extra time for some custom-built pieces which can be easily found in high-end houses in Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Malibu, and other LA areas. However, if you decide to save by disassembling the furniture yourself (dining tables, bed frames, desks. etc.) this is fine; simply dedicate a box or two for the hardware. We recommend you reassembling the furniture if you are planning to take it apart in the first place; otherwise, your movers may have questions for you about the hardware and some instructions. It is always much easier to assemble something if you have reassembled it.
  3. Arrange Parking in Advance. Your movers are not the city authorities and they may not know your area better than you do. So, if there are any difficulties with parking at your current or new location, please, contact the city to obtain a parking permit. Usually, you’d need to have at least 50ft of space for a regular 26ft moving truck. Parking permits cost money ($180-$280 on average in different California cities and towns) but it’s a very good investment because the extra walking distance between your apartment/home/office and moving truck can add greatly to the moving bill. Please note that many cities require an application for a parking permit to be submitted at least 5 business days prior to the moving date.
  4. Provide Movers Accurate and Full Information upon Collecting Quotes. Please be honest and clear with moving companies when you collect quotes for your relocation. Unfortunately, some people think that if they say that they have a few items to move it will take less time. If your roads can’t accommodate a large 26ft truck; for example, you live in the hilly area with very winding roads, - tell your movers about this. If you have a heavy armoire - tell about this. If you have a garage full of stuff - the movers should know. The more accurate information you provide the more accurate moving quote and better moving plan will be provided for your revision.

If you follow our tips on how you can save on your move, be sure, you will save. If you have the budget to spend for a full-service move (packing, moving, unpacking) we hope that our tips will help to save your energy as there is nothing better to see when movers work efficiently like ants; and having an organized place is key to this.

Here at EasyBusy, we strive to provide the best moving services in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area. We work 7 days a week to make moving great again; so, our clients come back to us with smiles and refer our company to their friends. If you need a moving quote for any move within California feel free to give us a call or start with FREE ESTIMATE form.

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