Having an ability to park a truck close to your new home/office will help the move to go faster thus cheaper for you. If you need movers to park on busy streets or one-way street, contact your local police department and they should be able to help with parking permit arrangements. Use only a non-emergency phone number which you can find online. If you move in or out of a building with a loading dock/zone you'll need to contact a property management firm. Please note that it's better to take care of parking arrangements at least 7 business days in advance; otherwise, you may not be able to have your movers to park at the desired spot. In such a case, you'll need either to reschedule the move or movers will look for the nearest legal parking available which can be quite far. So, having parking arrangements under control will help you to make your move stress-free and efficient.

We know that a place can be a disaster when packing boxes and getting ready for the movers' arrival. Keep your chargers handy and have your mobile devices charged prior to the moving start.

1. Use standard brand-new boxes. Used boxes can be flimsy thus leading to the damage risks.
2. Make sure both ends of the boxes are taped securely.
3. Make sure that the top of the box is flat which will allow movers to stack the boxes efficiently inside of the truck.
4. Fragile items should be wrapped in a few layers of packing paper or bubble-wrap.
5. Fill in any hollow spaces with crushed paper or some sheets.
6. Use small (1.5 cu ft) boxes for heavy items like boxes and dishes.
7. Use medium (3.0 cu ft) boxes for everything else.
8. Avoid using large (4.5 cu ft) and extra-large (6.0 cu ft) boxes, unless you need to pack something bulky yet light. It's safe if any box is not more than 20 lbs.
9. Label all boxes. Unpacking will go easier in such a case.
- any liquids
- flammables
- food
- matches

If you consider hiring movers to pack your boxes, give us a call at (855) 922-4932 or learn about our packing services HERE.